More than half of the world population live in cities, the space that concentrates the biggest problems and opportunities. They challenge their inhabitants to conquer them permanently, to build a more human way of living in this habitat sometimes hostile.

In fashion and behaviour, we see the contrasts between light and dark, rustic and polished, the manual and technological. Simplicity, value mentioned so often, does not mean impoverishment or content dispossession. On the contrary, the simple has never been so chic.

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The great roads and architectural works of art, such as bridges and viaducts, are the inspiration behind the jewels of the Urbe Collection.


Bringing urban references to fashion is a challenge that designers have been able to overcome, as technology has made a great contribution to the fabrics and prints.

What we see on the runways are a display of creativity and good taste. Pay attention to this trend.

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INSPIRATION: Boss Fall2016 | Issey Miyake Fall 2016 | Boss Fall 2016 | Issey Miyake Fall 2016 | Lela Rose Fall 2016