Giant pink diamond discovered in Russia

Nature does not stop surprising us! In September, Russian company Alrosa PJSC announced the discovery of a large pink diamond, weighing 27.85 carats.

The diamond was found in its alluvial mines in the Far East of Russia and surpassed in carats what had until then been considered the company’s largest pink diamond, which weighed less than 4 carats! The stone, whose quality is extraordinary because it presents few flaws, measures 22.47mm x 15.69mm x 10.9mm.

Giant Pink Diamond Alrosa - The Fine Finder

Giant Pink Diamond found by Alrosa

Alrosa PJSC is a Russian group of diamond-mining companies located in various regions of Russia and Africa, accounting for 95% of diamond production in Russia and 28% in the global extraction of this precious gem. It is estimated that the company has enough diamonds reserves to guarantee production in the next 20 years!

To have a perspective of the diamond market, Fancy Diamonds are highly valued and make huge sales success. Among the rough diamonds, Petra Diamonds Ltd. sold a 32.33-carat pink diamond for US$ 15 million. Among the cut diamonds, the 14.62 carats Oppenheimer Blue, for example, was auctioned by Christie’s for US$ 58 million and Sotheby’s dropped the hammer for the famous 59.5-carat Pink Star for US$ 71 million!

Alrosa now must decide whether to sell it rough or faceted. If they choose to cut it, this will be the company’s most expensive polished diamond.