Wear pink in October for breast cancer awareness

October is the month of the global campaign against breast cancer. The campaign aims to raise the awareness of the female population about the importance of prevention and early diagnosis through self-examination and annual mammography for patients at risk. Throughout the month, several initiatives create actions to raise funds directed to institutions that promote projects to combat breast cancer.

The Pink October campaign began in New York in 1990, when the first “Race for the Cure” was held, organised by the Susan G. Komen Foundation for the Cure. In that occasion, the Foundation distributed pink bows to the participants, becoming the symbol of the campaign. From there, the event is promoted annually in the city and other parts of the world.


Wear pink in October for breast cancer awareness


The campaign arrived in Brazil in 2002, by the initiative of a group of women and the support of companies, which lit pink the Ibirapuera Obelisk in São Paulo. With the attention of the media, the campaign has gained prominence and today is prevalent throughout the country.

In Brazil, breast cancer has been reaching more and more young women and is the one with the highest death rate among the female public. The Brazilian oncologist Fernando Maluf warns that probably one in ten women has or will have breast cancer, although the cure rates today are around 95% when it is early diagnosed. Although breast cancer is related to women, it is important to note that this type of cancer also affects 1% of men.


Wear pink in October for breast cancer awareness


According to data from the National Cancer Institute – INCA (Brazil), more than 250,000 women are facing this type of cancer in the world, with 57,000 new cases registered each year. The death toll is scary: 13,000 women lose the battle against breast cancer every year! Therefore, it is vital that there is public policy planning for the prevention and treatment of breast cancer. It is also important to publicise the seriousness of these numbers and the need for frequent monitoring for an early diagnosis.

The Fine Finder invites everyone to embrace this cause. Let’s spread the word about breast cancer and encourage women to make regular visits to the doctor and perform the self-examination. There is hope for a cure!


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