Giant emerald found in the north of Bahia, Brazil

A 360 kg (793 pounds) emerald, measuring 1.3 meters (4.3 feet) high, was recently found at the Carnaíba Mine in the northern municipality of Pindobaçu (Bahia – Brazil). The region is known for mineral exploration. This is the second major stone found in the region. The first, found in 2001, was 20 kg heavier and valued at about R$ 1 billion (around £235m).


The stone was located 200 meters deep by the Mineral Cooperative of Bahia, which is authorised to explore the area, and sold to a miner in the region. For security reasons, the owner of the rough stone did not report how much he paid for the emerald.

The buyer’s lawyer, Marcio Jandir, said his client intends to exhibit the emerald in museums and libraries.

huge emerald stone found in brazil

(Photo: Reproduction / São Francisco TV)

The emerald Bahia, found in 2001, was taken to the United States illegally and, for several years, was the subject of a legal dispute between the Brazilian and American governments. Until, in 2015, it was decided that the stone would remain in the United States.


Brazil is one of the largest emerald producers in the World. Stones from the Itabira/Nova Era belt reportedly sell for up to $30,000 (£23,000) per carat. Nova Era tends to produce clean faceted stones, which are highly popular with jewellery manufacturers. The emeralds’ fine colour and good transparency make this material highly sought after in the marketplace.

Emerald is also considered the birthstone of May. Find out more.

Source: Bahia Meio Dia