Jewellery and Storytelling

Whenever fashion launches collections for the next season, researchers and critics dwell on them with powerful magnifying glasses and great sensitivity. And what do they observe? If you think it’s just the different details of the clothes and accessories that deserve the spotlight, you are mistaken.

In the comments published by those who understand the subject, there is a prominent place for the source of inspiration. What was the theme? Where has the designer been to in order to create all that? When we read the description of the ‘universe’ researched by the stylists, we love it! How creative they are! Then we look with different eyes towards the clothes that dazzle the catwalks and provoke the famous “I want it!” to the depth of our desire.

The same thing happens with jewellery. Since a very long time, jewellery creation is no longer simply drawings of earrings, rings and necklaces. In the same way, the sale of jewellery is no longer just a commercial activity whose value is merely material. Times have changed!

The world of jewellery has blended into the fashion world, and has embraced its creative practices. The theme is the story to be told and the design team invests in research, travel, visits to museums, etc, to find their inspiration and to be able to tell these stories. They look for a current theme which can delight, provoke and seduce the customer. Just as in fashion, everything is decided months in advance, with the prospecting of trends and the analysis of changes in behaviour and consumption. Nothing is done by chance.

Inspiration - Chanel

Chanel Fine Jewellery Camélia Collection: These jewels are not of a single flower. The Camélia was Chanel’s favourite flower and she adorned herself and her models with this bloom often. Therefore, the Camélia became an important part of the company’s branding and occupies a prominent place in Chanel style. An icon that represents and tells the history of the brand.   

When a new collection is presented, either through a catalogue, an exhibition in the shop windows or online, it also marks the closure of a long cycle of meetings, debates, studies and much dedication. When a company and their design team invest in research, they cease to be just a spectator of the process, and start to act directly on it.

The theme of a collection is not only a source of inspiration for designers; it also aims to inspire customers and provide a richer customer experience. Storytelling can touch one of customers’ most sensitive points: the emotion! If today’s jewellery tells stories it’s because customers love to hear them!

It is very interesting to know where the designers have gone until they came up with a pair of earrings full of curves, a lace ring or a necklace replete of circles! Everything has a reason and the stories enrich the jewels even more. No one can resist beautiful stories!


The Fine Finder jewellery collections also tell stories


Inspiration - Deep Dreams - Seven Joias The intense deep blue with many little stars is the inspiration of the Deep Dreams Collection, which invites us to float in a dreamlike atmosphere. Beautiful jewels and good dreams!

 Inspiration - Arq by Manoel Bernardes

The bridge of São Paulo, Brazil, is a landmark in the national architecture, because it was built with a unique format in the world. The jewellery from the Arq Collection is a tribute to architecture.

 Inspiration - Baobab Bubbles by Brumani

The Baobab African tree was brought to Brazil by African slaves during the eighteen century and it is one of the oldest trees on Earth. Baobab can live up to 6.000 years and therefore it is called the Tree of Life. The Baobab Bubbles Collection is inspired by the fruit of Baobab.