Highlights: Goldsmiths’ Fair 2016

Earlier this month, we visited the Goldsmiths’ Fair in London, which is the premier showcase in the UK for contemporary jewellery designers. In this fair we saw the best of British goldsmithing and silversmithing talent and creativity, beside a very special selection of innovative designs.

Each item exhibited was curated by experts and show extraordinary skill and artistry in handmade work. The selection included 150 exceptional designers and craftsmen from independent workshops around the UK. As a place to spot new emerging talents the Goldsmiths’ Fair select each year 10 graduates to display their works too. We consider a great initiative to promote jewellery design! See below a selection of pieces that we like!

Christopher Thompson Royds
We enjoyed the delicacy of Christopher Thompson Royds pieces and the collection of flowers in yellow gold and enamel. The necklaces and earrings are articulated adding lightness and movement to the jewels.
Tom Rucker
Tom Rucker charmed us with his innovative technique of adding colour to platinum, a material that hardly accept any interference. The delicacy and the impact of their contemporary filigree in gold and platinum were a 'must' at the fair!
Ellen Monaghan
Ellen Monaghan caught our attention for its line of bold rings made from a square wire in silver or gold. Some even have coloured gemstones and advance on two or three fingers. Super cool!
Emmeline Hastings
The brooch by designer Emmeline Hastings, made in acrylic, oxidised silver and 18k gold, caught our attention.
Heather Woof
The articulated elements of Heather Woof designs are interesting, especially when made with a mix of oxidised silver and gold.
Sarah Pulvertaft
The difference in Sarah Pulvertaft designs is the small articulated elements that together bring movement and fun to the jewel.
Emma Jane Rule
Emma Jane Rule works with extremely sophisticated decorative objects, made from a pleated silver plate similar to an origami. Some textures cause the effect of nacre or mother pearl.
James Dougall
James Dougall told us about the composition process behind his decorative objects, mixing glass (imitating wood) and silver. Really beautiful!
Nan Nan Liu
Nan Nan Liu has an amazing work with silver threads creating texture and optical effects.