Chocolate in Pantone tones

As it’s said about design, it is always possible to innovate! The proof was the creative way that BLOCD, a design studio based in Barcelona, chose to give gifts to their customers at Christmas in 2015.

The team wanted to give something that represented the company and could be shared with family and friends. They wanted something that defined the agency and symbolised their care and attention to each project. And one of the indispensable tools used by designers in their projects is the Pantone colour guide which is updated every year.

The result couldn’t be more surprising: a beautiful box of chocolates in the shape of a Pantone colour guide, where each bar has a tone and a different flavour.

Chocolate Pantone project by BLOCD. design studio -

Chocolate Pantone project by BLOCD. design studio –

A very inspiring idea and definitely delicious! And why not say “unforgettable”?

You can find out more about the BLOCD. Chocolate Pantone project by visiting this link: